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From General Secretary’s Desk

Dear Friends,

I am really happy to introduce you to the new interactive website of the Toy Association of India. Over the years we have been seriously thinking about revamping of our website to make it more lively and vibrant.

Real time information dissemination will be possible through the website.  Even though we will still rely on methods like emails, WhatsApp or SMS to communicate with our members, we will use the website in an extensive way to pass on information.

TAI will be constantly updating the website so that both our members and the general public get all the latest information relevant to the industry and the activities of the Association.

While our News & Events section will provide the current and future activities, we also have a Past Event section which will show some important events of the past.

As an Association, it is our motto to always promote safe and quality toys for our children. Towards this end, we have earmarked a separate section on the “We Care” initiative, wherein we provide safety tops and guide to the parents to buying safe toys.

Visitors can go to the Events Section on the top to know details of all major events like Toy Biz International exclusively.

The design of the website is such that it is compatible with all browsers and all platforms. It can also be viewed on Smart Phones. We have tried to keep each and every information at one place. There is always scope for improvement.  We welcome valuable suggestions from our members for making the website more user-friendly.