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The 'We Care' is an initiative of The Toy Association of India (TAI) launched in 2011 with an objective to make the Toy Industry as an industry that stands out and shine bright with eco-friendly and ethical practices. We Care involves in Caring Awareness Responsibility and Ethics to promote safe and high quality toys and production of 'Green Toys'.

Our Vision:

To see a transformation in the Toy industry with high quality, safe toys and employee-friendly, eco-friendly, ethical practices and adherence to standards.

Our Mission:

  • To help micro and medium enterprises become aware of global trends and opportunities.
  • To provide relevant information to manufacturers and buyers to create good business deals.
  • To interact with international agencies to spread awareness about green toys.
  • To educate workers about efficient practices.
  • To ensure that all toys created by our member companies are 'green toys'.
  • To interact with parents and educational institutions to ensure that we meet their needs in terms of educational value, innovation and design in toy-making.